Chinese Winter Camp in Beijing

Happy New Year from the That’s Mandarin Winter Camp team!

Have you made any New Year’s Resolutions? Perhaps you are looking to experience something completely new and exciting this year? If so, then why not make 2016 truly memorable by taking part in a Winter Camp program in either Beijing or Shanghai?

If you are considering taking part in our Winter camp program this year, then we want to provide you with as much information as possible to help you make the best decision you can. A That’s Mandarin cultural-immersion program is like no other. We create a unique and fun learning environment and have several enticing camp options to make sure each camper feels at home. There are also tailor-made options, so there really is something for everybody.

Join us for an amazing winter!

Over the next few weeks we will be telling you more about each camp option so you have all the information at your fingertips. Last week, we covered our Morning and Day Camps. Now let’s talk about our Full Camp Option.

Chinese Winter Camp in Shanghai

Full Camp — The ultimate Study Abroad adventure

This program runs 24/7 and is ideal for parents wanting to send their kids to China to learn and experience Chinese language and culture. This all-inclusive experience is truly designed to make living in China a breeze. We provide airport pick-up, 3 meals per day and weekend activities to keep each camper happy. Activities and outings are also arranged during the evenings and weekends so there’s never a dull moment. A That’s Mandarin Full camp option specializes in providing a fun, motivating and educational environment for 12-17-year-olds.

Chinese Winter Camp in Beijing

What’s included?

  • Chinese classes
  • Cultural activities & excursions
  • Meals & Snacks
  • Serviced hotel accommodation

Campers can enjoy tasty and healthy meals at our Winter Camp. We offer four different options per meal. Yummy!

Food Safety | Bigger, Better and More Fun at Chinese Summer Camp 2018

The Full camp option in more detail

With our Full camp option you can be assured of the following:

Experienced Teachers

All our teachers have taught for several years and are experienced with teaching under 18s.

Engaging Classes

Varied class types and content for example cartoon classes, reading and writing classes as well as oral classes centered around different topics. Our camps are suitable for all children aged between 7 and 17 and open to campers of all Mandarin levels.

Cultural Activities

We organize a wide-range of fun activities from painting masks, practicing calligraphy to playing mah-jong and cooking classes.

Field Trips

Twice a week campers can explore more of the city through our excursions to places like the Great Wall, Museums, Beijing’s lakes and more.

Safety First

Each camper’s well-being is our paramount concern. We make sure every child is well-looked after through careful 24/7 supervision and the creation of a safe yet fun environment. We share photos of each camper’s experience with parents and keep in contact so you know how your child is doing.


Enjoy a comfortable and luxurious stay at the Holiday Inn, a Western-style hotel. This serviced hotel accommodation is located in downtown Beijing with easy access to public transport. Just a stone’s throw away are shops, restaurants and all the services you may need such as a post-office and supermarket. This accommodation is in a convenient location, not only for getting to campus every day, but also for going out and about to see the sights and what Beijing has to offer. All rooms come with air conditioning/heating, WIFI, satellite television, 24 hour hot water etc. Towels and bed linen is provided. Campers will also get to stay with other campers so it is an exciting and fun experience. Campers are also escorted to and from the accommodation.

Day Camp | Chinese Winter Camp

So, that is an outline of what our Full Camp camp options entail. By now you should have a better insight into three of our amazing Camp options.

If you have signed up for any of these camp options, we hope that you are feeling even more excited about experiencing our Chinese Winter Camp. Feel free to keep browsing our website to find out more information.

Be sure to stay tuned for next week’s blog post when we discuss our Homestay Camp option.
Thank you for stopping by!

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