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School Life in China | Chinese Summer Camp

Why Choose Chinese Summer Camp by That’s Mandarin?

Since 2008, That’s Mandarin’s Summer Chinese Camp has been delivering a first-class Chinese learning experience to thousands of kids and teens in China. Discover how we can make the experience safe and excellent for your child.

Safety First!

The safety of your child is our paramount concern. Rest assured your child is safe with us!

Professional Teachers

Our talented and enthusiastic teachers are all experienced working with under 18s.

Fun! Fun! Fun!

Camp activities are engaging, inspiring and fun, with an emphasis on being educational and, above all, safe!

How We Compare To Other Camps

Discover what makes Chinese Summer Camp different from other schools


Safety During Excursions

There is at least 1 teacher is in charge of every 6 students.

Other schools: Only 2 teachers are in charge of the whole group (usually 20-30 kids).


Smaller Group Size

An average of 6 students per class.

Other schools: An average of 20-30
students per class.


Chinese Lessons

Emphasis on oral fluency through fun games and activities.

Other schools: Traditional, textbook-
based classes.


Field Trips

Our campers play games and complete tasks while on field trips.

Other schools: Field trips are often organized by a travel agency with no learning activities.


Learning Resources

Students’ learning progress and materials can be accessed via our online learning system.

Other schools: Reports are in paper format and study materials are traditional textbooks.


No Hidden Fees

None. What you see is what you get.

Other schools: Textbook fee, registration fee, handling fee, visa fee, etc.

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