Chinese Winter Camp in Shanghai

Winter Camp can be a truly remarkable experience for you and your kid. It’s educational, safe, and, what is the most important – fun! Your child will learn so many new things, have so many new experiences, and meet so many new friends. And, of course, our top priority is to take care of your child’s safety. Here we have 10 tips to have fun and stay safe at camp.

Tips for Parents

Since you are an adult, you can certainly take a good care of yourself. The only two pieces of advice we have for you, is to:

  • get familiar with what to expect from winter weather in China;
  • take care of your health during the cold winter days, so you can fully enjoy the time you and your kids spend at camp!

We’ve prepared a few simple tips and rules for you. Follow them to guarantee that your camp stay is a blast!

1. Stay Warm

Winter in China can get quite cold. Make sure your child wears a few layers; it’s a sure way to stay warm outside, and if the temperature indoors is warm, it’s easy to take one layer off.

2. Pack in Advance

It wise to pack in advance — to make sure you don’t forget anything. Check this post with a list of necessary things you should bring with you.

3. Get Your Medicine Ready

Our camp will provide you with any help you need in case of emergency, but it’s still a good idea to take the medicine you’re used to.

4. Keep Contact Card

We will provide you with a special card with a name and contact number of your teacher. You can keep in in your summer camp backpack. Besides, it’s a good idea to save the address and phone number of our school as a note in your phone – so even if you get lost, you can easily find your way back to the school.

5. Carry Pocket Money

China is going cashless very quickly, but it’s still a good idea to carry around some pocket money with you when you go on field trips. You can keep it in your summer camp backpack, too. We will provide you with water, food, and snacks during the camp time – but you never know when you might spot a perfect souvenir for your friends or family!

6. Stay Alert

If you come from a country with light traffic and/or severe traffic rules, you might be taken aback by how hectic the traffic in China might be at any time of day. Always look BOTH left and right before crossing the street – even if you are crossing at a green light.

Besides, mind that according to the traffic rules in China, cars are allowed to turn right even on a red light. So please stay safe and look both ways.

7. Make Friends

Meeting new friends is one of the most exciting parts of your summer camp experience! And it’s a great chance for you to make friends from all over the world. Feel free to reach out to our teachers, too – they are always happy to chat, socialize, and help answer any of your questions.

8. Practice the Language

Our teachers will push you to speak Chinese as much as possible during the camp time, but it’s up to you to take this opportunity to the maximum. You might meet other campers who speak your language, so as much as you might be tempted to talk to them in your native language – please don’t forget that great things happen when you step out of your comfort zone. You will notice how you level Chinese can skyrocket if you push yourself to use Chinese only with teachers, campers – and locals!

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