Chinese Summer Camp 2015

Interested in letting your children experience Chinese culture?

Not sure if you’re ready to send them abroad for a long-term program?

About Chinese Summer Camp

Our Summer Camp runs from June to August with a variety of camp programs to choose from and provides a fun and safe environment for your children to experience China for the first time.

Under the guidance of our top teachers, not only will they get a chance to participate in engaging Mandarin classes, but also to join in cultural activities. We’ve been organizing them for over 10 years – so we actually know what works!

Emma's Experience | Chinese Summer Camp


Chinese Summer Camp Activities

Ashlee's Experience | Chinese Summer Camp

“Every day there is something new to learn. After lunch, the is a daily activity relating to the culture.”


No matter if your child is introverted or outgoing, the summer camp provides activities to make everyone feel as if joining one big family.

We play Chinese games like jianzi, weiqi and go, organize ping pong competitions, and host various cultural events. Campers even get a chance to cook some popular Chinese dishes for lunch!

Justin and Nathan's Experience | Chinese Summer Camp

Since summer camp participants come from all over the world, it’s also a great chance to make friends from different countries, and learn more about other cultures.


Chinese Classes

Ashlee's Experience | Chinese Summer Camp

Language classes are an important part of the day. To make them fun and efficient, our teachers use games, storytelling and role-playing methods — so learning resembles real life. No one has fallen asleep in our class so far!

(If someone ever does, we have free coffee and tea.)


Cultural Activities

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Learning does not stop after class because all throughout the day, we encourage the kids to try and use Chinese as much as possible.

Why not try shopping for groceries on your own in Chinese?


Field Trips

West Nanjing Road | Field Trips at Chinese Summer Camp

“[I] like the field trips too, they’re really fun and also you get a lot of breaks so it’s not tiring sitting in the class”


Finally, the part our kids really enjoy is field trips.

No matter which city you choose – cultural Beijing or modern Shanghai – each of them has a number of stunning places to visit. Apart from being tourists, kids also get an insider’s look at the culture and history of these historical gems and get a chance to share their impressions with others.


Learn More

Interested to know more?

For all the details on dates and prices, visit our website and get in touch with our assistants. They’re always there to help you with any questions. We also provide the option of tailoring the camp program.

Look forward to seeing your children this summer!


Beijing school: +86 10 84489799

Shanghai school: +86 21 62089357

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