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Our Winter Language Programs In China

Winter always brings around a vibe of excitement and cheeriness that everyone welcomes. For kids, the last ring of the spring term school bell signals more than just the start of playtime. It’s an indication of adventure, fun and exciting things ahead! For the parents, there is almost an unspoken pressure to find an activity that is not only fun, but also enriching for their children.

Sure, that Snowboard Camp was fun last summer and that Ski Marathon program was interesting, but do you want to send your kids to the same camps again? Maybe yes. But what if there is a new, alternative way to keep your children active and engaged during the winter holiday?

This is where we will introduce our Chinese Winter Camp Programs for kids. It’s a camp that focuses on building your children’s Chinese language skills and their understanding of the Chinese culture. Not only that, children will also get to play, do sports and create arts & crafts in our program. It’s an all-in-one summer program for kids, except in Chinese!

Read on to find out more.

As the name indicated, it’s a winter camp that focuses on everything Chinese. The Chinese Winter Camp is held every year in China (Beijing & Shanghai) for foreign kids who want to experience the Chinese culture and learn or improve their Mandarin skills.

  • Learn a new culture

    Apart from the Chinese linguistic skills that they will acquire, they will forge a better understanding of the Chinese culture. Subconsciously, their tolerance level towards a culture that is different from theirs will grow.

  • Keep active

    That’s Mandarin’s Chinese Winter Camp is about Chinese language lessons and more! There are activities planned especially to keep the children active and fit, like soccer, pingpong, rock climbing and kungfu… to name a few.

  • Get Creative

    As part of the Winter Camp program, children have a chance to try their hands at Chinese arts & crafts, something that they probably don’t get to do back in their home countries. Activities like paper cutting, painting a Chinese opera mask, making Chinese knots, bean arts, etc. The list is endless. The number of activities they will get to do will depend on the number of weeks they sign up for.

  • Sightsee and explore new places

    Students can choose to join the Chinese Winter Camp in Beijing or Shanghai. No matter which city they select, they will have a chance to explore the city and visit some famous attractions and landmarks. It’s an important part of their Chinese education as there will be activities during the field trips which will require them to practice what they’ve learned by conversing with the locals.

We have various Winter Camp programs to fit every child or every family’s needs. You can choose a program depending on your interests, your availability and your budget.

Full Camp

This program runs 24/7 and is the right choice for parents wanting to send their kids to China to learn and experience Chinese language and culture. Kids will get to socialize with other kids, make new friends, learn Chinese and also take part in exciting cultural activities. That’s Mandarin provides accommodation (shared room in a decent hotel in downtown Beijing or Shanghai) for all full-camp children.

Day Camp

This camp is ideal for parents who want their kids to learn Chinese language and culture. It runs daily from Monday to Friday (9:00/10:00am – 3:50pm). All of our Chinese Day Camp students are fully immersed in Chinese culture with daily classes, cultural activities such as calligraphy, paper-cutting, Chinese chess, etc., and trips with one lunch. Weekend activities can be added if your child is seeking fun excursions like visiting local museums.

Classes-only Camp

This program is designed for children whose parents are already in China. It is catered for parents who want their children to learn Chinese. We’ve created programs that are tailor made for young learners as well as teenagers. They explore the Chinese language and culture through a wide mix of interactive classes. Class types include story class, reading class, character classes, animation class, etc.

Homestay Camp

This program is the full 24/7 package that includes all Chinese classes, activities, homestay accommodation and meals, in Beijing or Shanghai. Kids will be fully immersed in Chinese language and culture in a homestay environment, which allows them to interact with local Chinese families and experience the culture of authentic Chinese life. All of our Homestay Winter Camp students learn about Chinese culture with daily classes, cultural activities and 3 traditional Chinese meals.

Family Camp

If you are hoping to introduce your child to Chinese language and culture whilst getting yourself up to speed, then our Learn Chinese Family Camp Package can give you just that. This program is incredibly flexible and can be tailored to fit around your schedule & any projects that you have for your trip to China. Both you and your child will take Chinese classes in the afternoon, and your kids will also join different cultural activities in the morning.

Didn′t See A Program That Fits You?

We also offer a tailor-made camp program. You can customize your length of camp duration, the activities, Chinese lessons and even the field trips. Please contact us with your requirements.

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