Katrina's Camp Experience | Chinese Summer Camp

We recently chatted with one of our campers, Katrina, to find out what she thinks about our Summer Camp.


Why did you decide to come to China?

It was my parents who brought up the idea of coming to China for the summer. My dad often comes here for business and this summer he was scheduled to spend 3 weeks in China, so mom and I decided to come with him.


Why do you want to learn Chinese?

I have always wanted to pick up another language and since my school, they offer an option to study Chinese, I thought it would be great if could get a head start. Besides, there are so many Chinese people around the world! Mandarin has become such an important language.


What would you tell your friends who ask about this summer camp?

I would tell them it’s fun, fun, fun! Even the classes are fun. Three hours in the morning go by really fast. And I like the afternoon activities. I didn’t know making dumplings is actually so easy. I enjoyed all the activities.


What’s the strangest thing you’ve seen in China?

Definitely men with rolled-up t-shirts, exposing their bellies. My teacher told me they do that to cool down. I just thought that’s really strange. You’d never see a man walking around baring their bellies in the States.


Favorite Chinese food?

I like 饺子 (dumplings) and 红烧肉 (braised pork belly). I think I will miss the food when I go home. You can’t find the same taste back home!


Thanks, Katrina! It was great talking to you!

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