Camper Diaries: Week 1

Camper Diaries: Week 1

We wanted to give you an inside look at Chinese Summer Camp 2015.  So, we gave our campers pencils, paper, and some time to write down what they think.  The best part?  They wrote it in Chinese!  Below are the translations to English and the original journal entries.  Happy reading!


Darren, 9




At school I studied Chinese characters and lots of other connected things. I really liked the field trips. I went to Yuyuan Garden, Tianzifang, and Wuzhen. All those places were really fun. I really like this summer camp; I had a lot of fun.


Ryan, 11


我九点开始在That’s Mandarin上课,上午三小时,我学习汉语。我最喜欢上视频和写作课。老师给我们看猫和老鼠的动画片,让我们说故事,然后写这个故事。我玩得很开心。



我学习了两个星期,我学了很多东西,也和同学们玩了很多汉语游戏。我回新加坡以后,应该会想That’s Mandarin的。

The Story of My Day

I start class at 9am. In the morning, for three hours, I study Chinese.   My favourite classes are video classes and character writing ones. The teachers gave us Tom and Jerry cartoons and then told us to tell a story. Then we wrote down that story. I had a lot of fun.

In the afternoon, we usually went outside to play. My favourite day was when we went to the Natural History Museum. It’s a fun place. Inside, they have a lot, a lot of dinosaurs. They were my favourite part.

In the culture classes, I painted a mask, ate zongzi for Dragonboat Festival, learned the story behind Dragonboat Festival, and because I knew the story of Quyuan and could tell the rest of the group, I got a small prize and I was very happy. I also drew him as a dragon and a dragonboat.

I studied for two weeks. I studied a lot of things and had a lot of fun with other campers. After I go back to Singapore, I will miss That’s Mandarin.

Group Photo from the Shanghai Natural History Museum