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Day Chinese Camp Online for Kids and Teens


Our Online Chinese Winter Camp program is a wonderful, immersive online Chinese learning experience specifically designed for learning Chinese remotely.

Suitable Age

Kids & teens aged 10 to 17

Camp Content

Interective Chinese lessons, cultural activities and virtual trips


Monday to Friday
The class time for different time zones is scheduled according to the time zones. (scroll down to see the 2 available options).

Camp Levels

Online Chinese Camp is divided into 2 levels — Non-Native Chinese Camp for beginner to intermediate levels and Chinese Camp for intermediate to advanced levels.

Camp Duration

2 weeks from November to January
If you would like to start on a different date or for a longer camp term, please contact us.

2 Camp Levels

The Online Chinese Camp is divided into 2 levels:

#1 | Chinese Winter Camp

Non-Native Chinese Camp

for Kids from non-native Chinese families


  • No prior Chinese language experience needed
  • No Chinese language exposure in everyday life


  • Fun and interactive online lessons and activities to raise the interest in learning Chinese
  • Introduction to Chinese characters with stories and pictures
  • Focus on developing basic Chinese skills, mainly Listening & Speaking
  • Basic conversations in Chinese
  • Project-based cultural activities to increase understanding of Chinese culture
#2 | Chinese Winter Camp

Chinese Camp


for Kids from native Chinese families (华裔营)


  • Chinese language experience in a native Chinese-speaking family


  • Fun and interactive online lessons to improve all the 4 language skills
  • Focus on Reading and Writing
  • Intermediate conversations in Chinese through various cultural and language activities
  • More advanced lessons to increase Chinese Vocabulary
  • Project-based cultural activities to deepen the understanding of the Chinese culture

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Chinese Winter Camp for Kids & Teens Aged 7-17

2023-2024 Camp Start Dates


The start dates for the 2023-2024 winter season are the following:

Nov 13

Nov 27

Dec 11

Jan 8

Jan 22

Camp Time 2023

Day Online Chinese Winter Camp Class Time

For both levels, Beginners and Intermediate, there are 2 options available. The class time for different time zones is the following:

#1 | Chinese Winter Camp

(3 hours)

UTC/GMT+8 (Beijing) 20:00-23:00
UTC/GMT+1 (London) 13:00-16:00
UTC/GMT+2 (Madrid) 14:00-17:00
UTC/GMT+3 (Moscow) 15:00-18:00
UTC/GMT-5 Eastern Time (US & Canada) 08:00-11:00
UTC/GMT-8 Pacific Time Zone 05:00-08:00
#2 | Chinese Winter Camp

(3 hours)

UTC/GMT+8 (Beijing) 05:00-08:00
UTC/GMT+1 (London) 22:00-01:00
UTC/GMT+2 (Madrid) 23:00-02:00
UTC/GMT+3 (Moscow) 12:00-15:00
UTC/GMT-5 Eastern Time (US & Canada) 17:00-20:00
UTC/GMT-8 Pacific Time Zone 14:00-17:00
Chinese Summer Camp

Safety First!

The safety of your child is our paramount concern. Rest assured your child is safe with us!
Chinese Summer Camp

Professional Teachers

Our talented and enthusiastic teachers are all experienced working with under 18s.
Chinese Summer Camp

Fun! Fun! Fun!

Our activities are engaging, inspiring and fun, with an emphasis on being educational and, above all, safe!

Day Online Camp Pricing





*Apply early and enjoy the 10%-off Early-Bird discount.
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The offers can be combined.

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Chinese Winter Camp for Kids & Teens

Happy Parents, Happy Kids

Testimonials | Chinese Winter Camp

Jason | Full Camp Student

I’ve only been here for 2 weeks so far and I think I’ve learned more than I learned in half a year at my actual school. It’s a different teaching style to what I’m used to.
Testimonials | Chinese Winter Camp

Michelle W. | Parent of a Student

This has been such a great experience! Our daughter had so much fun and she enjoyed all the activities and field trips. We would like to come back again next year.
Testimonials | Chinese Winter Camp

Shuyin | Day Camp Student

Because the teachers are all very helpful. Everyday there is something new to learn. After lunch, there is a daily activity relating to the Chinese culture.